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The story of textiles in subcontinent is one of the oldest in the world. The earliest surviving cotton threads from this region dates to around 4000 BC and dyed fabrics are documented as far back as 2500 BC. Subcontinent’s textiles are embedded in every aspect of its identity. Courtly splendour was proclaimed by magnificent fabrics and religious worship still finds expression through cloth. Global trade systems were formed on the export of fabrics from the subcontinent, and even today weaving of cloth still continues to shape our economy.

Cotton and silk are the raw materials most associated with our region. Subcontinent supplied cotton cloth to the world for centuries. We also produced an astonishing variety of hand-made fabrics for domestic use until industrialisation changed how cottons were made and sold.

The ancient Romans called subcontinent’s finest cottons ‘woven winds’ because of their airy lightness. The country’s cotton fabrics range from the sheerest muslin to robust pieces for everyday use, though fine cottons in particular were much sought after and are a key element of our supremacy in textiles.

We, at Istor, take our country’s unrivalled rich natural resources for making premium textiles and harness it with the most advanced technological looms to produce the finest fabrics ‘woven winds of today’ to carry forward this beautiful legacy of our region and our people.

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